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      1. ABOUT US

        Company profile

        • Business philosophy

          Pioneering and innovative and pragmatic

          People-oriented technology first

        • Quality policy

          The pursuit of zero defect products

          Pursuit of customer zero complaints

        • Quality goal

          Factory products pass rate of 100%

          Customer satisfaction more than 98%

        Zhejiang Dongzheng Electric Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Strong Motor Co., Ltd. make up a group corporation sponsored and managed by seniors of motor field ...

        Development history

        • 2016

          Enterprise production intelligent management platform construction project "is listed as Jinhua City 2016 two-year integration of key projects

          Dongyang Science and Technology Award Second Prize small intelligent cleaning machine dedicated motor 52ZY98-2440G0834-KB

          Dongyang City Science and Technology Award third prize efficient permanent magnet DC motor 80ZY115-20530 / 60JX56-S

          Dongyang City industrial enterprises in 2016 tax hundred

          Dongyang City well-known trademarks

          The advanced party grassroots organizations in 2016

          Advanced industrial enterprises in 2006

          2016 transformation and upgrading of advanced enterprises

          The year of 1616 years of income tax advanced enterprises

          The year of 1616 years of income tax advanced enterprises...

        • 2015

          Was awarded the "Dongyang City, the implementation of the third prize"

          Was awarded the "2010 Dongyang City Government Special Award - top ten tax revenue"

          Was awarded the "Dongyang City Government Special - Award Standardization Award" in 2015

          Was awarded the "Dongyang City Government Special - Award Standardization Award" in 2015

          Was awarded the "two hundred and ninety years in rural areas advanced tax enterprise"

          Was awarded the "2009 advanced tax enterprise"

          Won the "2015 Dongyang City, the best information technology team"

          Won the "2015 Dongyang City, the best information technology project"

          Won the "2015 Dongyang City, the best information technology project"

          Three new products through the provincial new product review

          "Enterprise production intelligent management platform construction project" as Dongyang City, 2015 "two" integration project

        • 2014

          Was awarded the "2014 taxpayers over one million enterprises"

          Was awarded the "2004 advanced tax enterprise"

          Was awarded the "2004 advanced technology innovation enterprises"

          Was awarded the "2004 advanced grassroots party organizations"

          Was awarded the "five-star advanced grassroots party organizations in 2014"

          "Efficient energy-saving control slowdown motor Internet of Things application project" won the "2014 Enterprise Information Innovation Project Excellence Award"

          Through the "national high - tech enterprises" new identification

          Through the "provincial patent demonstration enterprises"

          Won the "provincial-level innovative pilot enterprises"

          Low-speed juicer dedicated permanent magnet DC motor 80ZY115-22030 / 60JX56 won the "2014 Zhejiang manufacturing quality"

        • 2013

          The company moved into the new plant into production

          Jinhua City Safety Production Supervision and Administration granted "safety production standardization of three enterprises"

          Dongyang City People's Government awarded "Dongyang City well-known trademarks"

          Zhejiang Province Standardization Association awarded the "use of international standard certification (permanent magnet DC motor 60ZY105-2430)"

          Dongyang City Economic and Information Technology Bureau awarded the "Dongyang City 'three of the integration project'

          Was named "2013 taxpayers over one million enterprises"

          Was named "fulfill the social responsibility model enterprise"

          Was named "standardized construction demonstration union"

          Was named "Year 2013 brand to create advanced enterprise"

          Won the "2003 Special Government Award"

          Was named "Dongyang City Science and Technology Innovation Association vice president unit"

          Was named "2009 advanced production safety unit"

          Won the "Dongyang City Information Industry Association vice president unit"

          "DC motor performance on-line monitoring system" project was listed as national science and technology SME Technology Innovation Fund

        • 2012

          Jinhua City Economic and Information Technology Commission awarded the "Jinhua City, the eleventh batch of information (" two "integration) model enterprise"

          CPC Jinhua Municipal Organization Department awarded the "five-star grass-roots party organizations"

          Dongyang Municipal Committee, Dongyang Municipal People's Government awarded the "Government Special Award"

          Zhejiang Zhipu Credit Evaluation Co., Ltd. awarded the "small and medium enterprises in Zhejiang Province credit rating AA level"

          Baiyun Street (Trade Park) General Union awarded the "workers pioneer"

          Dongyang City Baiyun Street Office, Zhejiang Dongyang Economic Development Zone Baiyun Business Park Administrative Committee awarded the "advanced science and technology enterprises"

          3 project products won the "Dongyang City Science and Technology Award third prize"

          Won the "standardization of Zhejiang enterprises innovation" honor

        • 2011

          Through the "national high - tech enterprises" review

          Jinhua Municipal People's Government awarded "Jinhua City Innovative Enterprise"

          Dongyang Municipal Committee, Dongyang Municipal People's Government awarded the "Government Special Award"

          Communist Party of China Dongyang Municipal Organization Department, the CPC Dongyang Municipal Enterprise Committee awarded the "Dongyang City five-star non-public economic organizations, party organizations"

          4 project products won the "Dongyang City Science and Technology Award third prize"

          The Dongyang City Street Work Committee awarded the "advanced grassroots party organizations"

          Dongyang City State Taxation Bureau, Dongyang City Local Taxation Bureau awarded the "tax over one million enterprises"

          Xi'an Institute of Micro-motor Dongzheng Motor "brushless deceleration control motor technology research center" was established

          Through the "Jinhua brand-name products" review

          Dongyang City Baiyun Street Office awarded the "labor relations harmonious enterprise"

        • 2010

          Zhejiang Provincial Science and Technology Agency awarded the "East-controlled motor high-tech enterprise research and development center"

          Communist Party of China Dongyang Municipal Organization Department, the CPC Dongyang Municipal Enterprise Committee awarded the "Dongyang City five-star non-public economic organizations, party organizations"

          Jinhua City Economic Commission awarded the "Jinhua City enterprise information pilot enterprises"

          Dongyang City, Dongyang City People's Government awarded the "Dongyang City re-only love before the advanced unit"

          Dongyang City People's Government awarded the "tax over one million enterprises"

          Swimming pool underwater intelligent cleaning machine dedicated motor 63ZY won the "Dongyang City Science and Technology Award two prize"

          60ZY105-2412 / 60JB145G1035 Wen Yu treatment bed dedicated motor won the "Dongyang City Science and Technology Award third prize"

          Dongyang City, Baiyun Street Working Committee awarded the "advanced grassroots party organizations"

          Xicheng Industrial Park Phase III of the new plant construction

        • 2009

          Won the "Dongyang City Patent Executive Award Second Prize"

          Dongyang City People's Government awarded the "tax over one million enterprises"

          Dongyang Municipal Committee, Dongyang Municipal People's Government awarded the "Government Special Award"

          Won the "industrial and commercial enterprises in Zhejiang Province AA grade credit contract Shou-credit units"

          Zhejiang Dongyang Economic Development Zone Baiyun Business Park Administrative Committee awarded the "scientific and technological innovation enterprises"

          Zhejiang Dongyang Economic Development Zone Baiyun Business Park Administrative Committee awarded the "safe production of advanced enterprises"

          CPC Dongyang Municipal Committee awarded the "advanced grass-roots party organizations"

          Swimming pool underwater intelligent cleaning machine dedicated motor 63ZY products won the "Jinhua City Science and Technology Award third prize"

        • 2008

          The company became "national micro-motor industry association governing units"

          Dongyang City People's Government awarded the "tax over one million enterprises"

          Dongyang Municipal People's Government awarded the "growth of small and medium enterprises"

          Dongyang Municipal Committee, Dongyang Municipal People's Government awarded the "Government Special Award"

          Zhejiang Provincial Intellectual Property Office awarded the "Zhejiang Province patent demonstration enterprises"

          Awarded the "national high-tech enterprises"

          Jinhua City Science and Technology Bureau awarded the "Jinhua City High-tech Research and Development Center"

          60ZY / 56JX DC planetary gear motor won the "Dongyang City Science and Technology Award first prize"

          FL6322PMG robot dedicated DC gear motor won the "Dongyang City Science and Technology Award second prize"

          FL6322PMG robot dedicated DC gear motor won the "Jinhua City Science and Technology Award third prize"

          Zhejiang Dongyang Economic Development Zone Baiyun Business Park Administrative Committee awarded the "scientific and technological innovation enterprises"

          Zhejiang Dongyang Economic Development Zone Baiyun Business Park Administrative Committee awarded the "safe production of advanced enterprises"

          CPC Dongyang Municipal Committee awarded the "advanced grass-roots party organizations"

          Communist Party of China Dongyang Municipal Organization Department awarded the "Dongyang City non-public enterprises party building demonstration enterprises"

          AC-DC gear motor identified as "Jinhua brand-name products"

          Dongyang City Party Committee Organization Department "Dongyang City non-public enterprises party building demonstration enterprises"

        • 2007

          Dongyang Municipal People's Government awarded the "Dongyang City People's Government to grow small and medium enterprises"

          Dongyang City People's Government awarded the "tax over one million enterprises"

          Jinhua Municipal People's Government awarded the "Jinhua City patent demonstration enterprises"

          FL6322PMG robot dedicated DC gear motor won the "Dongyang City patent implementation prize three prize"

          Jinhua Municipal People's Government awarded the "high-tech enterprises in Jinhua City"

          The company joined the National Micro Motor Industry Association

        • 2006

          Dongyang City People's Government awarded the "tax over one million enterprises"

          Dongyang Municipal People's Government awarded the Dongzheng Electric "local brand-name products"

          Dongyang City Science and Technology Bureau awarded the "Dongyang City patent demonstration enterprises"

          Dongyang Economic Development Zone Administrative Committee awarded the "Science and Technology Innovation Award"

          Zhejiang Small and Medium Enterprises Bureau awarded the "provincial small and medium-sized enterprise technology center"

        • 2005

          Zhejiang Dongyang Economic Development Zone Committee awarded the "advanced grassroots party organizations

          The company successfully developed 45JX, 56JX planetary reducer

          Agricultural Bank of China Jinhua Branch assessed as "enterprise credit rating A level"

          August the company passed ISO9001 certification

        • 2004

          In April the company moved to Jiading 3, plant area expanded to 4000 square meters

          Dongzheng Motor Company Party branch was established

        • 2003

          March registered company, hire commercial park 600 square meters plant

          May the first equipment into the installation and commissioning and production

          June 30 the first batch of products sent to the United States

          AC motor products universal national "3C" certification

          Company unions are established

        Glories of company

        • Provincial High and New Enterprises

        • Jinhua Enterprise Technology Center

        • Jinhua Innovative Enterprises

        • Tax top 100

        • Government Special Award

        • Patent implementation of the second prize

        • 60ZY-56JX motor science and technology first prize

        • 52ZY98-2440 scientific and technological progress second prize

        • 80Zy115-20530 third prize of scientific and technological progress

          Letters patent

          • High school certificate

          • Patent Certificate

          • Member of the National Micro-motor Standardization Technical Committee

          • Safe production standardization of three enterprises

          • Provincial science and technology small and medium enterprises

          • alibaba certificate

            Certified company

            • ISO9001 Certification

            • DC motor CE certification

            • AC motor CE certification

            • Reach Certification

            • DC motor CCC certification

            • AC motor CCC certification

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